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This page provides an overview of the regional settings in Windows (Date and time zone, Language, Region, Date format etc.). Double-clicking on any item will open the “Region and language” settings window.


This page enumerates the environment variables available in Windows. These can be used between % signs in scripts or command-line commands.

Control Panel

This page lists those programs and services which are represented with an icon in the Control Panel. Double-clicking them will open their settings page.

Recycle Bin

This page lists the recycle bins for each partition. We can empty recycle bins directly by double-clicking them.

System Files

This page lists the system files and their content.

System Folders

This page lists those folders which are created during Windows installation (for example: Program Files, Users or AppData). Double-clicking them will open the folders in a new window.

Event Logs

This page displays the Windows event log. Double-clicking on any item will open their event properties.